One Shop Owner Has HAD IT With Liberals, Puts A Sign In His Window For All Of Them To See!

There comes a time when something happens when you just can’t defend a particular line of thinking anymore. If you weren’t inclined to defending it in the first place, you’re no longer capable of silently putting up with it.

Kevin Kerwin, a small business owner, is a conservative in the liberal bastion of Oregon. Kerwin was disgusted with attacks on Donald Trump supporters and with whiny liberals, CNN and fake news.

So he decided to let everyone know by posting a sign on the window of his store, Kevin The Geek Computer Repair.

From Biz Pac Review: Kerwin’s storefront sign read as follows: To all the ignorant liberals including Bruce Springsteen … The 4 people who kidnapped and tortured a disabled teenager just because he supports Donald Trump.

Just shows everyone you are a party of complete morons. I’m embarrassed to call you Americans. Go straight to Hell where you belong. We’ve had it with you idiots.

Kerwin also slammed CNN, mocking it as the “Comedy News Network, Fake News all the Time, and Propaganda for Liberals.”

Now, it is not known if the young man who was tortured was actually a Trump supporter.


What is true, at least based on the statements of the attackers, is that they were anti-Trump and that entered into their reason for attacking the young man, in addition to the fact that he was white and special needs.

What is known is that some in media downplayed the attack and minimized the actions of the attackers referring to them as kids who just made ‘stupid decisions’.

Media even falsely implied in one report that the attackers were white and the the victim black.

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