Horrifically Racist Half Rate Sitcom Launches An Uncalled For Attack Against Trump With The Whole Nation Watching!

I remember back in the day, even when a TV show explored racial issues, it was done in a classy manner. Everyone was fair game, and at one point of another everyone was made out to be a fool.

Now, with political correctness a more contagious disease than the common cold we have to deal with either being told you are a racist, or being exposed to racism from the other side of the liberal fence. Then being called racist if you say that what they are saying is racist. Bit hard to follow isn’t it?

The fact of the matter is, Hollywood wants to make every person that voted for Donald Trump feel like they are a horrible person that beats people up and suppresses people. When in reality, the only Trump demonstration that I have seen near where I live happens to be this guy that sits on the side of the road with a Trump sign waving an American Flag.

Liberals go the other direction. They commit acts of vandalism, they will disrupt your businesses and they will publicly declare you a racist through a bad act of subterfuge during a football game.

YES! There’s actually a TV show called “Blackish.”

It follows the show “Whitish” on ABC… Just kidding, of course there is no TV show called Whitish because that would be racist.

That’s life in Obama’s America.

The “Emmy nominated” show released its latest promo attacks Trump and Trump voters– they’re all racists, you know.
You’re supposed to laugh at this. It’s funny.

Sickening. ABC can go to hell.

This promo played during an ABC NFL game on Saturday night.

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