An Intel Report On The Emails Has Been Released That Blows The Liberal Narrative WIDE OPEN

One thing about the way the liberals have handled this whole email mess, it resembles when you repeatedly catch someone with their hand in a cookie jar. And the blame someone else that their hand is there.

The intelligence report released by the government yesterday blew a hole through one of the cherished Democratic talking points concerning the DNC email leaks.

From Daily Caller: “Disclosures through Wikileaks did not contain any evident forgeries,” the report from the Director of National Intelligence states, adding that Russia likely chose to release the emails to Wikileaks because of its reputation for authenticity. The report says the assessment was made by the intel community with a high level of confidence.

During the campaign, it was a constant Democratic refrain that the leaked emails were suspect, not true, or in some way doctored. Donna Brazile, for example, said the emails should be taken with a ‘grain of salt’ because of ‘how they were stolen and put on the internet’.

During the campaign, the Daily Caller did a forensic cyber examination of the emails, concluding that there were no changes from their original state.

The government’s intelligence report now backs up now, so the Democrats can no longer use that talking point.

Democrats have relied heavily on talking about Russian hacking, avoiding talking about the truth of the emails. Donna Brazile lost her position at CNN when it was discovered that she had received debate questions ahead of time.

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