Liberal Crooks Already Plotting To Impeach Donald Trump..

Don’t ever play chess with a liberal. There’s a good reason why. First of all, they’ll start asking where all the safe spaces are. Secondly, when you eventually get close to checkmating them they will stand up and flip the board over…

Donald trump becomes President in just 15 days, and liberal pundits and leaders are already signaling their preparation to remove him from the Oval Office. Article II of the U.S. Constitution notes that a president may be impeached if they are convicted of “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” That doesn’t mean the president will be forced out of office necessarily, but refers to the legal proceedings that could lead to that outcome.

Liberals and top Democrats are focused on Donald Trump’s impressive wealth; he owns incredible hotel and golf properties around the world. Because of Trump’s investments and holdings, every move he makes to rebuild and grow America’s economy will be suspect. This supposed conflict of interest, they argue, is enough grounds to start the impeachment process.

As a popular op-ed in Huffington Post notes, liberals are ready to act: Donald Trump is wildly unfit to be president, and he will demonstrate that in ways that break the law and violate the Constitution. Since the election, there have been three wishful efforts to keep Trump from the presidency: a recount doomed by a lack of evidence; a futile campaign to flip Trump electors; and an even more improbable drive to get the Supreme Court to annul the 2016 election.

These moves, indicative of magical thinking, make Trump’s opposition look a lot weaker than it is―at a time when the stakes for the Republic could not be higher. There will also be marches and demonstrations, but they will also look weak unless they have a strategic focus.

There is only one constitutional way to remove a president, and that is via impeachment.

What’s needed is a citizens’ impeachment inquiry, to begin on Trump’s first day in office.


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