Liberal Gasbag Patton Oswalt Wasted No Time Using The Ft Lauderdale Shooting To Poke At Trump!

Any time there is a tragedy, no matter what side of the fence you are on it should not be used for make some kind of grand political statement. If you are going to bring it into the discussion, at the very least wait until the next damn day!

Liberal comedian Patton Oswalt often wields his Twitter account as a weapon against conservatives, but his latest post is being blasted by even his followers and supporters as too much too soon.

He posted this about the terrible shooting at Fort Lauderdale: Hoping the #FortLauderdale shooter is a Trump supporter AND a Muslim so we can all focus on gun control & access to mental health care.

He immediately had to defend his offensive tweet to critics who saw it as crass and unsympathetic to the victims. This is just the latest in a long series of offensive jokes and statements by the comedian.

In December he got into a full-fledged Twitter feud with conservative Ben Shapiro after one of the GOP presidential debates. The month before that he had to delete a badly worded joke that appeared to encourage terrorists to attack Trump hotels and other properties.

Last September he went on the attack against conservative actor Adam Baldwin in defense of socialist Bernie Sanders.  In 2013, he tweeted “abort to end prayer” in order to mock those tweeting “pray to end abortion.” In 2012 he didn’t waste a minute to calling for gun control after the terrible shooting at Newtown, Connecticut, joining a chorus of other lefty celebrities.

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