I do not think I could possibly be happier at this moment in time than except for maybe Election Day.

From the day he first entered the presidential race, there have been countless futile efforts by hyperventilating Democrats to somehow derail Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s march to the White House. Unfortunately for them, their last chance to block Trump’s electoral victory came and went today as a joint session of Congress officially certified the results of last month’s meeting of the Electoral College, according to The Hill.

Several House Democrats did make a last-ditch effort to stop Trump, raising objections that were summarily ruled out of order due to a rule that requires any objection be supported by a sitting senator.

One of those who attempted unsuccessfully to raise an objection was California Rep. Maxine Waters, who reportedly wailed, “Is there one United States senator who will join me?”

Ironic: When Maxine Waters wailed “Is there one United States senator who will join me?” most of the Dem side of the joint session was empty

Her plea was met by silence from the nearly empty Democrat side of the floor.

 At one point, after making clear what the standing rules were for official objections, Vice President Joe Biden declared, “It is over,” banging his gavel to usher in Trump’s presidency to peals of laughter from the Republican side of the floor.

The Electoral College votes were then counted and certified, making the election of Trump official.

All that remained was his actual swearing in during his inauguration ceremony.

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