Prior To The Inaguration, Donald Trump Has Made One Huge Change!

When my wife and I moved about four months ago there were a couple of things that we decided to do before we left the town we had lived in for so long. We went to all our favorite restaurants there one last time.

We visited with old friends that were living in the area. I went and got a haircut. I know it may not sound like an important thing on the surface that a haircut be that big of a deal but a lot of the time getting a haircut can signify an important life event. Getting married, starting a new job and so on…

For a little while there, Michelle Obama’s bangs dominated the headlines. Will Donald Trump’s new hairdo inspire the next big fashion trend like Rachel from Friends?

No. But here’s the new cut…

From Conservative Tribune: If there’s one trademark of Donald Trump’s appearance, it would have to be his hair. After all, the media may make fun of it over and over again, but Trump has steadfastly refused to change it.

However, Trump’s about to take a new office, so I guess he figured it was time for a new ‘do. He took to social media to show it off on Wednesday, and the response was immediate.

Trump posted a picture of himself and his grandson on the way back from Florida with the president-elect sporting his new haircut. In just eight short hours on Instagram, it had already garnered 250,000 likes.


Looking fresh, Mr. President-elect.

Now (or at least in 15 days) it’s time to get down to business.

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