Wikileaks Offering A Reward To Anyone That Catches Obama In The Act Of…

I remember that when Bill Clinton mercifully left office in 2001, the pictures that came out of the White House made it look like a tornado had gone through.

Well, not exactly a tornado, but it looked like a random CVS had been looted during a BLM demonstration (riot where they burn down their own neighborhood.) People on the way out don’t particularly care about the condition of things sometimes. Except when there is the possibility of leaving things in pristine condition might cause their s**t to go south.

Anyone that’s ever seen one of those films involving any kind of illegal activity or espionage knows that the second the guilty party is aware that there is an eye on them and a set of hands waiting to grab them they begin destroying every document that might prove that they are as guilty as the day is long.

WikiLeaks has been expressing concern in its tweets that the Obama administration might destroy documents or video prior to President Obama leaving office.

In a bid to find out if that was happening, they tweeted out this offer Tuesday night.

From The American Mirror:


WikiLeaks warned system administrators in the Obama administration not to “let the White House destroy US history again!”

WikiLeaks urged the administrators to copy the information and send it to them.

They referenced a two terabyte drive of Clinton emails that went missing from the National Archives.


Two terabytes is a tremendous amount of data and it is believed to have contained info on Clinton personnel.

The drive is believed to have been stolen. It went missing in 2009 during the Obama administration. Its whereabouts are still unknown.

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