Once More With Feeling…Michelle Obama Whining About How Hard It Is To Be First Lady

I heard a story once about this fellow that won the lottery. He was a pretty hardworking fellow, he installed above ground swimming pools for a living.

One day, he bought a lottery ticket while on his lunch break that ended up changing his life. He ended up collecting about seven million dollars once the government took its slice. About two years after he won, he got interviewed somewhere and all he could talk about was how grateful and blessed he was. He was now able to take his family on the vacations he’d never been able afford and take care of the senior members of his family.

If you want to look at it one way, he had everything for about the rest of his life paid for with that money. He didn’t complain about how hard it was, he talked about being blessed.

Michelle Obama is going to be leaving the White House in less than 20 days and there are plenty of people out there who aren’t shedding any tears over that. She rubbed many Americans the wrong way from the beginning with her comment that she wasn’t proud of America until we elected her husband as president.

Maybe not the greatest thing for a First Lady to say.

It looks like Michelle hasn’t figured out that a lot of Americans aren’t really interested in comments that make the First Lady seem like she doesn’t understand their pain.

Check out this latest comment that’s getting a ton of negative attention.

From Gateway Pundit: Michelle and Barack Obama’s family travels cost Americans over $96 million. On Wednesday Michelle Obama whined to Oprah about how hard it’s been. “People don’t really understand how hard this is. And it’s not something you just cavalierly just ask a family to do again… Let me just tell America, This is hard.”

Man, can you say tone deaf?

Come on Michelle.

You know what people do understand?

How hard it is to choose between groceries, rent, and their skyrocketing healthcare premium that your husband promised wouldn’t go up.

They understand how hard it is to see their job shipped overseas while the president does nothing about it.

They understand how hard a $20 trillion national debt will be to pay back.

Americans understand things like that.

Also, it’s not hard to imagine how difficult being First Lady is.

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