Pence Has Confirmed The Executive Orders That Are Being Signed On DAY ONE!

I like it when people get hired to a job and want to get to work right away. There’s nothing worse than people who want to sit around or spend the first couple of days saying hello to everyone.

We’ve got a lot of problems that need to be fixed in this country people, and I love that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are bucking the norm of attending all the parties so they can get down to business.

President-elect Trump is not letting any grass grow under his feet. Mike Pence let us know yesterday that repealing Obamacare was one of the new administrations top priorities.

Republicans have already been exploring how to get any replacing Obamacare bill passed, given the expected fight from Democrats.

Now, Mike Pence has dropped big news: According to Politico’s Rachel Bade, Trump ally Chris Collins said that Republicans intend to have a replacement proposal within six months.

Sounds like they are really moving to finally throw it out.

We can all be thankful that this disaster may finally be done.

So many Americans suffered – lost their doctors, lost the plans they liked, now have to pay more, or had to pay a higher deductible making their ‘insurance’ essentially useless.


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