A White House Staffer Has Exposed A Deep, Dark Secret About Emperor Obama!

Obama cares about America in the same way that a vulture cares about the health of a squirrel. Obama’s faith-outreach director, Michael Wear, exposed one dark secret the president has been hiding for the past eight years!

Several years into the Obama presidency, Michael Wear said he watched the abortion and contraception funding battles associated with Obamacare with intense displeasure. According to Wear, the Obama administration was unnecessarily antagonistic towards religious conservatives.  When evangelical pastor Louie Giglio was pushed to withdraw from the 2012 inaugural benediction, Wear said he almost quit.

Theologically, Michael Wear is a conservative evangelical Christian, the Atlantic reports. He is opposed to both gay marriage and abortion – making him a bizarre hire for the Obama administration.

In his book, Reclaiming Hope, Wear stated that while working on faith-outreach efforts during the 2008 campaign, he was shocked that some state-level officials nixed the continuation of such efforts after Obama got into office.

“Sometimes—as I came to understand the more I worked in politics—a person’s reaction to religious ideas is not ideological at all but personal,” Wear wrote.

About 81 percent of white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. When asked why he thought so many deeply religious Americans voted for the political outsider, Michael Wear had a lot to say on the subject.

“It shows not just ineptitude but the ignorance of Democrats in not even pretending to give these voters a reason to vote for them. We also need to have a robust conversation about the support or allowance for racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia in the evangelical tradition,” Wear said.

The former Obama faith-outreach director went on to say cultural changes in the country have been extremely problematic for evangelicals. “Liberals have been trying to convince Americans, and evangelicals in particular, that America is not a Christian nation,” Wear added.

“It’s much easier to make people scared of evangelicals, and to make evangelicals the enemy, than trying to make an appeal to them,” the former official added. He is right—liberals simply do not like folks who live in “flyover” country who cling to God and our right to bear arms. They really do not want our support even though Hillary Clinton’s defeat should have taught them how much they need to enlarge their political tents to include more than coastal elites and college kids.

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