Maker Of The Trump Buttons Says Something Absolutely Unprecedented Has Happened…..

I always found campaign buttons to be an extremely easy snapshot of where the country was at the time of an election. I have a couple of ones from the Reagan campaigns that I will not let anyone go near except on the day we clean the house. The Donald Trump ones are going right next to those.

There’s lots of things that you would think someone would run out of if they were the person producing them. Campaign buttons would not be first on the list…..

Mort ‘The Button Man’ Berkowitz probably could have told you who was going to win the election when all the pundits were wrong. How would Berkowitz know? Because Berkowitz, who operates out of New York City, is one of the biggest independent sellers of campaign merchandise in the country and has been selling campaign buttons for 40 years.

He said Americans can’t get enough of Trump merchandise.

Since targeting ads to new locales, he has been filling orders for Trump buttons from the heartland — including Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma. Prior to the Trump phenomenon, Berkowitz said, most of his sales were from Democratic strongholds.

“Before the election, I sold as much Trump merchandise as Hillary Clinton merchandise. That’s never happened for a Republican before. Trump supporters are passionate,” Berkowitz said.

During the campaign, Berkowitz said that Obama had been beyond belief, but Trump was ‘beyond beyond belief’. ‘Trump was humongous’, he said.

The fascination with Trump merchandise is still going strong, Berkowitz says. He said he’s sold out of Trump watches and is selling inaugural buttons as fast as he can make them.

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