Hannity To Interview Assange This Tuesday Night!

I am very happy for this news because with the way that various governments have tried to mess around with Julian Assange, it is only fair that practiaclly on the eve of Donald Trump taking office that he be given a chance to speak before the world.

If it were not for people like Julian Assange we wouldn’t have known exactly how big of a crook Hillary Clinton was. Well, we still would have known she was a crook…just now how big a one.

Fox News announced today that host Sean Hannity will present an exclusive in-person one-on-one interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The two will talk about allegations of Russian hacking, the incoming Trump administration and Barack Obama’s presidency.

Hannity will travel to London to speak to Assange, who is currently living in the Ecuadorian embassy under political asylum as he sought refuge over a Swedish rape charge.

Assange and WikiLeaks became heavily involved in America’s past election due to its slow drip leak of Hillary Clinton ally John Podesta’s emails ahead of Election Day, as well as the DNC email dump during the summer.

Hannity’s interview comes at a time when much of the news is focused on the role Russia played in the email hacks. Assange has previously stated that he did not receive the hacked material from the Russians. He also released a statement at the time of the election that WikiLeaks wasn’t trying to influence the outcome. At the same time, the WikiLeaks founder has been highly critical of Clinton.

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