This Liberal Hack Thinks That Cheering On Trump Assassination Attempt Is A Good Idea!

For the most part, comedians and writers have this rule that nothing is off limits. That you can joke about anything, that it all depends on how you construct the joke.

I would agree with that on a lot of levels, except when you are directly threatening someone’s health and safety. And especially when it is the health and safety of the President of the United States.

I didn’t trust Obama, I never trusted his lying ass any further than I could throw them. That being said, when I went to sleep at night I prayed for his continued health on the level of one human being to another. Wishing for someone’s death is just plain wrong.

Then you get a bunch of liberals who are STILL pissing and moaning about the election. They are using the deaths of others to take shots at Trump, and openly calling for him to be killed. Can you imagine the liberal outrage if someone even said they’d want to hit Obama with a pie? Their whole worlds would collapse!

Eve Peyser is a far left writer and comedian(?) for Gawker and Gizmodo. On Sunday she openly advocated for presidential assassinations. 

The left is having a very difficult time accepting Trump’s landslide electoral win in November.

You never would have seen a tweet like this six months ago.

Via Mike Cernovich: Gawker / Gizmodo writer advocating for presidential assassinations.— Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 (@Cernovich) January 1, 2017


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