What This Former Obama Minion Compared Trump’s Presidency To Is Off The Rails Ridiculous!

Liberals have two speeds it seems. One of which is stop, and the other is claim racism on everything. If their Big Mac only has one patty of beef in it, claim racism. If there are no brown M&M’s in the package, claim racism.

Yeah, as I sit here drinking my coffee with a little bit of milk in it a liberal is likely waiting outside my door right now to say I am now a racist for not drinking it black.

The volcanic rhetoric that has been spewed by the left since Hillary’s loss has been something to behold. With Donald Trump’s inauguration now less than three weeks away it will only get hotter as the haters unleash torrents of flaming bile.

For example, there is black former Obama adviser Karine Jean-Pierre who played the KKK card by comparing Trump’s election to a cross burning on the lawn. The Legal Insurrection blog caught this totally insane comment “Former Obama Aide: Trump ‘Very Reminiscent of Cross-Burning on Your Lawn, KKK’”:

A former Obama White House adviser to President Obama, Karine Jean-Pierre, said this morning that “the thing about Donald Trump is that he is the known. He is, it is very reminiscent of cross-burning in front of your house. Of the KKK.”

Jean-Pierre made her outrageous remark in response to a question from Al Sharpton, on his MSNBC show, as to what justice will be like under President Trump. The supposed Republican on the panel, Elise Jordan, rather than refuting Jean-Pierre, essentially seconded her, saying Trump “spends more time decrying a New York Times reporter than these white supremacists who are going out and committing these horrible acts.”


Ms. Jean-Pierre currently serves as senior advisor and national spokesperson for Soros front group MoveOn.org.

The left just continues to show that they are a collective of angry, entitled, self-centered race-baiting moonbats and while the Democrats were just burned badly by identity politics there is to this point no indication that they have learned a damned thing since November.

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