This One Video Shows Why Absolutely Nobody Should Trust The MSM!

Folks, were a long time removed from when you could really trust what you heard on the news in the evening or what you read in a newspaper to be fact. If you can still find one of those.

Journalism, by definition, is simply presenting facts. But, for many current “journalists,” the job involves more than merely transferring information. This video from MSNBC shows just how inaccurate these so-called “news” networks can be. Steve Kornacki uses the network’s absurdly inaccurate polls to creates his own delusional narrative for the presidential election, getting EVERY prediction wrong! 

One thing is for sure. Nobody will ever consider this guy to be a prophet. In Biblical times, he’d be lying in a pit being pelted with rocks.

Actually, these poor predictions were more of a team effort, than that of just one man. After all, these were NBC polls that Kornacki cited time and time again. Polls that showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in places like North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio.

The polls were terribly off-base. In some cases, the NBC numbers showed Clinton with a double-digit lead in states that she went on to lose. In other words, the polls were not by any means scientific, fair, or truthful.

Does the phrase “margin of error” ring a bell? Typically, it is between three and four percent, in order to be deemed usable, anyway. But NBC’s margin of error in Pennsylvania was 11 percent.

These NBC polls seem to be designed not to tell the story of what’s unfolding across the nation, but to shape what’s happening. Fake news at its worst.

I think someone on the network had the goal of hiding Trump’s momentum, and thereby trying to slow it down. What they failed to consider was that We the People are sick and tired of their tactics. Tired of lies and manipulation.

By the video’s end, Kornacki had Clinton winning in historic fashion – absolutely crushing Trump. He even had the audacity to say there was a possibility that states like Texas, Iowa, Kansas, and Utah might go for Clinton.

In reality, Trump went on to win and win big. He took Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, and Texas by 10 points each. He took Utah by 15! And Kansas? Um, Trump didn’t lose there either. He won by 22 in the sunflower state.

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