Oh Boy, Obama Just Announced What He’s Gonna Be Doing After He Leaves Office…

Folks, I want to tell you all who I feel like Barack Obama reminds me of right now. He’s someone you don’t know, yet you’ve all had a version of in your lives. He’s a strange fellow, just like Obama.

There was a guy that graduated a year a ahead of me in high school that I had a drama class with my junior year. I took the same class again for my senior year. Well, for about three or four days at the first part of the new school year, he would just wander into the classroom.

Yeah! The teacher wouldn’t really notice because he would stay in the back and not really make himself known. However, one day she went to the back to turn the lights off or something and noticed him. She immediately told him to get the hell out of there. Having someone where they don’t belong can be very dangerous.

Barack Obama has no intention of leaving Washington D.C. after Donald Trump is sworn in as president. He will not remain quiet like his predecessor, George W. Bush. The guy can’t get it through his head that his policies were rejected again, just as they were in 2010 and 2014. Here’s one of Barack’s final presidential addresses…

From The Blaze: President Barack Obama used the final weekly address of his presidency to ensure the American people that despite leaving the White House in less than three weeks, he will remain vigilant of President-elect Donald Trump over the next four years to ensure the “progress” made by his administration is not undone under Trump.

Obama used the majority of the address to reflect on his eight years in office, touting his “accomplishments” as president — which many would disagree with — such as job growth, income growth, bringing troops home from the Middle East, saving the Earth with climate deals, a “resurgent” auto industry, falling poverty rates, providing health insurance to 20 million people, his Iran deal, opening diplomatic relations with Cuba and of course — killing Osama bin Laden.

“Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago,” Obama said. “We have made extraordinary progress as a country these past eight years.”

What progress, Barry?

Having insurance premiums double? Triple?

Allowing grown men to use the women’s restrooms?

Kicking Israel to the curb while sending billions of taxpayer dollars to a nation that chants “Death to America?”

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