Ann Coulter Puts A Dozen Eggs On Obama’s Face With An 8 Word Truth Missile!

Usually, when you are going to perform what some might perceive to be a drastic action it is usually a good idea to have all of your ducks in a row. Pres. Obama did not think this one through. The Russian diplomats being kicked out of the U.S. don’t really have to leave American soil—thanks to liberals and their flawed ideology!

“Fortunately for Russians, NYC is a sanctuary city.” It only took Ann Coulter eight simple words to take down Barack Obama. Truth bombs are all the more satisfying when they thwart liberals using their own past words and deeds!

 Since New York City officials, like their liberal counterparts in sanctuary cities across the nation, have vowed to protect illegal immigrants from the long-arm of the federal government, they will embrace and protect the displaced Russian diplomats too, right?! I hope a television camera is nearby and rolling when a man with a Russian accent walks up to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and demands sanctuary from Obama!

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, sanctuary city mayors ran to the nearest reporter and defiantly said they’d continue their long habit of welcoming illegal immigrants into their cities and blanketing them in the bosom of safety. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, who is now under investigation for pay-to-play crimes, was one of the most vocal.

New York will remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants,” Mayor De Blasio said. The liberal mayor doubled down on a promise to hold fast to his city’s status even if President-Elect Trump yanked federal funding to force compliance.

Obama’s last minute, weak attempt at throat-punching Russia will be short-lived and solve nothing. Vladimir Putin has already stated he is looking forward to working with Trump to improve relations between our two nations and will not be responding in kind to Obama’s ousting of diplomats.

Barack Obama claims his seizure of two Russian properties and the eviction of 35 Russian diplomats is an appropriate response to the cyber attacks launched by our Cold War foe. There is no proof Russia was involved in the Democrat Party email hacking – but pesky things like facts never seem to get in the way of Democrat career politicians pushing their liberal narrative.

Obama has known about the alleged Russian hacking for months. He claims he delayed taking action sooner because he was concerned such a move would appear to be playing politics and favoring Hillary Clinton.

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