What One Grandson Found BURNED Into Granny’s Old TV Says Everything You Need To Know..

I visited my grandmother over Christmas, and despite her having a flat screen that I bought her a couple of years ago in the living room; she still has the old CRT tube in her bedroom for some reason. We keep telling her to let us buy her  smaller one but I guess she wants to hold onto that one.

That’s one thing that I have noticed about people from that generation that is kind of awesome. They will hold onto things until the wheels practically fall off..

You never know what you will find when you start cleaning out a house. Sometimes people find treasures worth millions of dollars, and other times they find things that are treasures in a different sort of way.

Tully Borland was helping upgrade the television in his grandmother’s house. That meant that he and his father had to remove her old television, which dated back to the times when a television was bulky and heavy.

While moving the television, Borland and his father came across something incredible burned into the television — the Fox News logo!

“This television is legendary. It literally had the Fox News emblem emblazoned into the lower right hand corner of the screen so that a shadow of ‘FOX’ appeared no matter what channel was being watched. Grandma is my kind of woman!” he wrote on Facebook.


Now, that is an incredible find! It’s unlikely that something like this could happen with modern television, but thanks to the construction of old television sets, it is possible that the Fox News logo could be burned onto the TV if the channel was watched enough.

It some ways, the TV is a perfect analogy for what Fox News does anyway. Just like the display on this the television, Fox News dominates all other news networks on the air.

Fox consistently has better ratings than other cable news channels, thanks in part to its quality lineup of news anchors like Bret Baier and Shepard Smith and political commentators like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, who provide the best possible coverage on the most important issues of the day.

While Fox News certainly isn’t without controversy, it is arguably the best news channel out there, thanks to its “fair and balanced” coverage of the news. While right-leaning in nature, Fox News always includes opinions from the other side of the aisle so its viewers are better informed on the various issues of the day.

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