A Picture Of A Sad, Dejected Hillary Eating Alone Has Surfaced….

Now, I am not one to normally revel in another human being’s misery. For Hillary Clinton, I will make a grand exception.

Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race in embarrassing fashion. She had the money, the establishment support, the infrastructure, and the media’s help. She couldn’t get it done.

Now, it’s time for her to fade into political irrelevancy.

Should we feel bad for her? Nope. She brought it all on herself.

However, some people are definitely feeling bad for her after this picture of her surfaced.A little bit sad.  No doubt.

But at the same time, she lost the presidential campaign because of her dishonesty.  She has only herself to blame.


Wonder what she is checking on her phone?

Sending an email through an unsecured server?

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