HA! Police Has To Literally DRAG This College Professor Off A Plane For Boarding Illegally!

The last time I flew was about four months ago. I had to travel from Florida to Michigan for my mother’s funeral . So say I was in a fog going through the airport was a bit of an understatement.

That being said, to get onto the airplane, there were a few things that I had to do that I had pretty much done every time I had to fly. These things are a pain in the ass, even when you do want to get the day over as quickly as possible.

Now, unless you are hooked to a hospital bed being flown across the county for an emergency organ transplant, you sort of have to follow these rules all the time.. A flight from Detroit to San Diego, which should have gone by without any issues, became the scene of a bizarre statement from a liberal professor.

Rhima Coleman, a professor from the University of Michigan, reportedly walked past the airport gate agent without showing her boarding pass and did not let the anyone check her bag. When asked to leave, she used foul language and eventually had to be dragged, literally, by the wrists off the plane.

She boarded the plane unlawfully and then refused to get off it. The video is downright embarrassing, with people laughing and filming as she is dragged on the floor by the police to exit the plane. Police claim that alcohol was not a factor in this situation, so the woman did this because she was… what? What could have possibly been her motive for this brash and embarrassing action? (via WND)

Coleman works in the College of Engineering and earns a $102,849 paycheck every year. Even though she has acted a complete fool, the college has not issued any information about a change of her employment status.

The professor is supposed to make a court appearance on January 18 in the 34th District Court for her misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for her actions on the plane. Really, I think she should face larger consequences.

She just walked on the plane without identifying herself and without letting security check her bag—if she had had ill intent, she could have threatened the lives of all the people on board that plane.

There is no information about what was in her bag, but it could have been a threatening incident if she had anything that could have injured or killed people. Who would board a plane unlawfully and not let authorities check their bags? How do you not think that one through?

Obviously, you’re not going to be on that flight for very long, and even bigger people like this professor will be dragged off if necessary.

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