This Obama Loving Mayor Said Some Horrifically Disgusting Things About The Mentally Disabled

A few years ago, after my youngest sister got out of college she began working with the developmentally disabled. Every day she works with kids to adults with issues ranging from autism to Down’s syndrome.

These brave people try harder than anyone that I have ever seen. They simply do not quit. Which is why when I hear of some liberal jackass making fun of people for something that they can’t control, I think of what they would look like if they had to say it to the faces of the kids my sister works with.

Just another tolerant liberal showing Americans how they really feel when they’re behind closed doors…

Macomb County, MI Executive Mark Hackel released audio recordings to local Detroit TV stations in which he claims the voice of Warren, MI Mayor Jim Fouts can be heard saying mentally disabled people are “retards” and “not even human beings.” Hackel claimed the tapes were given to him by someone who is or was a member of Fouts’ staff.

Channel 4 WDIV-TV reports that reporter Mara McDonald spoke with the person who made the tape, an employee who recorded Fouts in his office. The context was a discussion of Fouts’ plans to attend an event regarding the Special Olympics, according to the TV station.

Lepine said Special Olympics, sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, are a “very big deal for the community.”

In one of the recordings, the man’s voice said mean things about the way mentally disabled people use bathrooms.

“What good are they? They’re dysfunctional human beings. They’re not even human beings. … I don’t want any part of this. This is one of the worse things about being mayor. This is the bottom of the barrel. … I don’t want to be around them, and I wish them well in a cage,” the voice said in the recording.


Fouts has a controversial history with the Democratic Party. He ran for state representative in the 1970s as a Republican, but in Warren, the city offices are nonpartisan. Fouts, however, has attended many Democratic events over the years, but endorsed U.S. Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, for president in 2008 before switching his allegiance to then-Sen. Barack Obama.

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