Trump RIPS Obama To Pieces For Making The Mistake Of Talking Trash!

There is something to be said for bowing out gracefully and turning over the reins of something as massive as the United States in as graceful of a manner as possible.

Take a look at George W Bush for example. I am quite certain that at many points over the past eight years he probably wanted to call Barack Obama in the middle of the night and just ask what the hell was wrong with him. He didn’t. He didn’t do that because he’s a man with class and dignity. Obama has no dam

For a moment there it looked like Donald Trump and President Obama were playing nice. They met at the White House and said all the right things to the cameras about how important a smooth transition is.

That didn’t last long. President Obama immediately started taking subtle jabs at Trump and yesterday he was running around talking about how he would have beaten Trump if he had been allowed to run again.

Looks like Trump didn’t appreciate that too much. Can’t really argue with Trump on this one.

President Obama has been saying one thing and doing another. What else is new?

Many conservatives haven’t been happy with how complimentary Trump has been to Obama.



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