A Sickening Fact Was Just Confirmed About Obama’s “Birth Certificate”

There are a lot of things that over time you could probably get anyone to believe, the relationship with Democrat politicians, the mainstream media and liberals has sure proven that.

However, there is one thing that I don’t think you will ever convince a good number of intelligent people of: that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is the real thing.

There have been issues with Obama’s birth certificate since he announced his intent to run for President, but now we are finally getting answers! An investigator working with Arpaio’s team, looking into Obama’s birth certificate, claimed that Hawaiian officials never confirmed Obama’s birth certificate’s validity. (via WND) They confirmed the information about the birth, but not the veracity of the actual documentation itself, which is rather suspicious. Arpaio and his team’s main reason for continuing this investigation is to get to the truth about the birth certificate that Obama presented. If it is a fraud, then a crime has occurred.

The investigators now believe that the certificate provided is not a copy of the original. Their investigation does not address whether or not Obama is a “natural-born citizen,” as the Constitution mandates Presidents to be, nor do they address the political implications of the document being a forgery.

The evidence that the team has, they claim, shows that the digital images present on the document were taken from another certificate issued a few days after Obama’s birth. Again, the Hawaiian officials very carefully stated that the details about Obama’s birth were correct, but never confirmed the birth certificate is genuine.

The woman in question is Johanna Ah’nee. Ah’nee very valiantly gave a personal copy of her certificate to Sherriff Arpaio’s investigation team.

Mike Zullo, who has been working with the investigation, stated that the White House officials made several statements on the issue, including that they sent an official to pick up the document in Hawaii. The governor of Hawaii states that Obama’s documents were not handled differently than other documents of this nature.


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