Something Amazing Happened To This Singer Who Signed To Perform At Trump Inauguration!

Take this as me being crass or mean, but there are a lot of entertainers that despite their willingness to take chances on stage have no guts at all.

Some of them just have no backbone. I am sure that there have been a lot of people that have performed at presidential inaugurations over the years that probably did not agree with the incoming commander in chief; but they performed out of respect for the office.

We’ve heard plenty of stories about entitled musicians pretending like people care about their political opinions and stating they won’t perform at Trump’s inauguration. Jackie Evancho, from ‘America’s Got Talent’, isn’t one of those celebs.

She has no problem performing at a presidential inauguration of someone she might not agree with on every issue. Looks like Americans are rewarding her for that…

From IJ Review: Now, she’s getting another big boost thanks to her commitment to sing at Trump’s inauguration.

In fact, Jackie’s latest album, “Someday at Christmas,” is #1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart. TMZ reports that her weekly album sales quadrupled in digital sales and retailers had to restock twice to keep up with demands.



See what happens when you put the politics aside and just sing?

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