Putin Destroys Trump Hating Liberals With One Short Sentence!

I have to admit, I was brought up in the Cold War when we were all taught that Russians of every variety were the worst people in the world. That ice has thawed thankfully.

I will say this, I don’t always think that everything Vladimir Putin says is correct. However, I am man enough to admit someone is right when they are right.

According to liberals, Russians put Trump in the White House. President Putin has rejected this from the outset and appears to finally have heard enough. During a recent press conference, he stated, “I hear Democrats lost the House and Senate as well. Did we do that too?”

Right now, all I hear from the liberals is a bunch of stammering! The fact that liberals refuse to look inside their own party for answers shows how utterly immature and out of touch with reality they truly are. I remember hearing the Nancy Pelosi interview after she was named Minority Speaker and stated that the party really wasn’t looking for change. Seriously? Your “prized” candidate was just defeated by a businessman who used Twitter as his main marketing outlet and you don’t think you need change?

Millions of Democrats left the party and you don’t think you need change? Millions more people voted who had not cast a vote in decades and you don’t think you need change?

Everyone but the extreme left in this country is demanding no more politics as usual. The bulk of the country is sick and tired of Democrats pushing a socialist agenda on We the People rather than shrinking our federal government.

Democrats have lost hundreds of positions in both federal and local government positions during the last eight years, with many of those being lost in just the last two to three years. They left with a president in place who continues to push a socialist agenda on the people. This is proof Americans have had enough of the typical Washington corruption… and they want change and they want it now!

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