HA! We’ve Caught Liberals Agreeing With Donald Trump!

Most liberals are the type that will believe anything that they are told to believe. They don’t particularly have the drive or ambition to actually go out and find the truth for themselves. If someone told them that a Democrat said the sun wasn’t going to come out tomorrow; they’d all be buying flashlights by the case.

I have long said Hillary’s supporters are nothing more than mindless drones that do and say as she wants without thinking for themselves. In other words, they are puppets, pure and simple.

The interviewer asked Hillary fans whether they agreed with Hillary quotes– the twist was they were actually Trump quotes! Watch as he gets a liberal educator to attack Common Core!  This proves Liberals will agree with anything they think a Democrat said.

I can guarantee that if Trump were a Democrat, more liberals would have liked him. Also, if Hillary Clinton had said the same exact things that Trump did, these fools would still have loved her. They are simply dogmatic people.

Were liberals even aware of what Clinton’s actual views were? Or did they just like her because she was a woman and a Democrat? Maybe liberals were more focused on the milestone of having a woman president, and less on her actual views.

At one point, Hillary was calling for extreme vetting in this country, despite her earlier position, that our immigration system should remain the same. But she saw how unpopular this view was across the country and so she suddenly switched sides and called for “tough vetting.”

But Donald Trump was always for better vetting. He called it extreme vetting and Hillary merely changed the adjective to “tough.”

I wish the video had gone further and presented the Hillary supporters with Hillary’s actual opinions, but pretended they were Trump’s. I’m sure these fools would’ve hated on those “Trump ideas.” They might have even said something I frequently heard from the liberals I know, “This is exactly why he should not be President.”  And liberals wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

They obviously pay more attention to the person, as portrayed by the main stream media, than the campaign platforms of the candidate. They would rather vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a female.

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