Sean Hannity Has Given Donald Trump Some Absolutlely Wonderful News!

2017 is going to be the year of good news for you and I friends, because we are going to have someone in office that is going to be willing to do what’s right instead of what’s good for them.

While anti-Trump pundits and critics are doing back-flips to attempt to slow down the President-Elect, the reality is that Trump is moving with record speed.

In fact, at the rate that he is going, he has a real chance of permanently altering the political landscape in the US. According to Fox News contributor Frank Luntz, while appearing on Hannity“He has a chance to change politics as we know it if he can keep both of these groups together and he has the capability to do it.”

What pollster expert Luntz is saying is that Trump has the potential to build a big, powerful Republican party. One that vastly outnumbers the Democrats and any others.

“If Trump can keep this majority of these new voters who have never voted Republican before and bring back some of those Republicans from the suburbs who voted for Clinton but voted Republican all the way down the line, this is a long term majority.” Luntz argued.

The nation hasn’t been so starkly divided since the Civil War. And there are probably very few people who thought that the gap was something that could be bridged, at least not in our lifetime.

Enter Donald Trump. A non-politician whose chief goal is to Make America Great Again. That message resonates on both sides of the aisle. Further, many Democrats have lost faith in the integrity of their own party leaders.

Trump has shown that he can appeal to a wide variety of Americans, from all walks of life and political outlooks. He focuses on shared values, not on what divides us.

In my opinion, if he can build compromises that leave all his supporters satisfied that he’s making America great again, he will forever change our nation.

He has tremendous public support right now, because people are sensing success. Success for ALL of us once again. And even as Michelle Obama tries to tell Americans that hope is lost, according to CNN, the reality is that hope is back. But this time, it is anchored in reality, not empty promises.

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