Liberal Actress Uses Alan Thicke’s Death To Horribly Slam Trump!

Maybe as I get older, I am becoming a little bit more sensitive to how you are supposed to act when people pass away. There was someone I was talking to that we both had a mutual friend that had passed away.

Now, I wasn’t this person’s biggest fan but when the other person in the conversation started talking ill about the deceased I told them to shut the hell up because it just wasn’t right.

As you may have heard, actor Alan Thicke died  from a heart attack. While all decent people are expressing condolences and celebrating his life, one seriously f*cked up liberal is using his death as an excuse to slam Donald Trump. Actress Lisa Edelstein sent out a snarky tweet saying that Thicke would rather die than live under Trump’s presidency.

Tuesday afternoon Alan Thicke was playing some pick-up hockey in Burbank, CA with his son when he collapsed on the ice. He apparently suffered a heart attack and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. It is truly a tragedy that anyone with an ounce of compassion can feel.

Enter actress Lisa Edelstein, whose compassion is overcome by her liberal shittiness. She is best known from the TV show House, but after today will probably be remembered as the asshole who sent this tweet: “RIP Alan Thicke. Seems like everyone is checking out before the Trumpacolypse,” wrote Edelstein.

I took a screen shot because the human in me wants to believe Edelstein will realize what a terrible tweet this is and delete it. Then again, she may be such a rotten liberal piece of shit that she’s actually proud of this.


I’m not sure what she was trying to achieve with this tweet, because it is certainly in poor taste and incredibly disrespectful. Maybe she would rather die than live in country with Donald Trump as president, but I guarantee Alan Thicke would have preferred to continue his life. If Edelstein wants to snuff out her own life I don’t think anyone would care, but Alan Thicke was loved and respected.

Maybe Edelstein was trying to make a joke, but it falls well short of being funny. I don’t know that Thicke was an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump, so she’s just imposing her own liberal hatred on a person who tragically died. Exploiting a person’s death to push a bullshit political agenda is one of the worst things a person can do, and isn’t it interesting that only liberals seem to do this?

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