Star Of Office Christmas Party ASSAULTED An UBER Driver Because He Was A Trump Supporter!

No matter how much I have disagreed with people that wanted Hillary Clinton to be president, I never thought for a moment to smack one of them. Everyone is free to believe what they want, no matter how much I might disagree with them.

Hey the media was right. There is a wave of Trump-related hate and violence spreading across the country. Liberal comedian/actor TJ Miller assaulted an Uber driver for supporting President-elect Donald Trump, you know, because Trump supporters are so intolerant and violent.

Reuters reports that Miller, the star of Office Christmas Party, attended some kind of an awards show hosted by website on Thursday. Sometime after midnight, making it Friday morning, Miller called for an Uber. After he was picked up, he and the driver got into a “heated” discussion about Donald Trump. The news doesn’t say whether Miller was for or against Trump, but the comedian is a raging anti-Trump Hollywood liberal, so let’s assume he took the anti position while the Uber driver took pro.

When the driver dropped Miller off at his residence, the super-tolerant comedian ended the debate the best way a liberal knows how. Miller slapped the driver before exiting the vehicle. No seriously, he slapped this poor person in the face because he disagrees with his or her politics. Why do liberals think they deserve any respect when they act like this?

Luckily Miller’s limp-wristed attack didn’t do any real damage. The driver did not require hospitalization after getting slapped in the name social justice.

The driver called police and Miller was arrested. If this were a he-said/he-or-she said type of situation, the police wouldn’t have made an arrest, so it’s possible that Miller confessed to the assault. Being a liberal douchebag, he is probably proud that he slapped a Trump supporter and maybe even bragged about it.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that Miller was booked on a misdemeanor battery charge and released until his court date. I assume he will also have a civil court date when the Uber driver sues his sorry liberal ass.

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