Donald Trump Is Headed Somewhere You Almost Had To BEG Obama To Go!

I was in the Navy for four years, and once during my time in the service I was able to attend the Army Navy Game while on active duty. Once after I got out too, and I have to say it was a sight like no other.

Donald Trump has always supported our military, unlike President Obama, and that is clear with his plans for this weekend.

This Saturday, on December 10, Donald Trump is going to attend the Navy Midshipmen vs. the Army Black Knights football game in Baltimore. It is the 117th Army vs. Navy game, but he will be the first president-elect in history to attend, as per Biz Pac Review. Obama only attended one game in his entire eight years of office as president. He attended in 2011, and Vice President Biden attended in 2012.

Donald Trump, however, hasn’t even taken office yet, but he is going! This means a lot to our military because it indicates that their commander-in-chief is showing interest in what they are doing.

That’s the way it should be. President-elect Donald Trump stated that he cares about our military and our veterans, which is something a lot of presidents say, but Trump actually means it.

To make it even better, Trump could be bringing General “Mad Dog” Mattis, a retired Marine, along with him to the game. General Mattis is a veteran who is greatly admired by the Marines and the other branches of the military due to his great leadership and service to this nation.

The nominee for the defense secretary is a huge fan of the games, reportedly, and is very excited that Donald Trump is going to be making history by attending the game. It’s a proud moment for many Americans.

“Army-Navy games are an annual pilgrimage for the last eight years for me. It is an awe-inspiring experience, full of pageantry, flyovers, and a stadium filled with Americans who aren’t afraid to belt out our anthem and, like me, shed a tear or two as the gravity of the choices our Midshipmen and Cadets have made truly hit home,” Mattis stated.

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