CNN Crew Caught On Hot Mic JOKING About Donald Trump Dying!

I had a friend that worked at a radio station when he was in college and whenever I was able to swing up to my hometown to visit he would let me sit in the studio and announce a few things. I remember when a song was playing I dropped something and uttered a rather mild four letter word. He looked at me with a death stare and said that if I was going to sit in the studio I had to not even think any sort of four letter words because you always have to assume without question that the microphone is on.

CNN doesn’t care about that kind of thing. Not only do they not care if they are insulting to Donald Trump, they don’t care if they make jokes that there is no possible apology for.

CNN really embarrassed themselves during the 2016 election cycle. They were given the very appropriate nickname of the “Clinton News Network” and you would think that would be something that bothered them. You would think they would realize how badly they misjudged the electorate and make some changes.

Nope. They are doubling down on the biased Trump hate. Check out this “hilarious” joke they told when they thought no one was listening…

From Washington Free Beacon: A CNN crew member joked to reporter Suzanne Malveaux about Donald Trump’s plane crashing as they waited to go live while the president-elect was set to land in Indianapolis on Thursday. The CNN crew member spoke with correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, who was on camera, and said, “If I do this, it means he has landed.”

“That means his plane has crashed, no I’m kidding,” the crew member said with a laugh.

Some real class acts over there at CNN.

You are out of your mind if you tune into that channel anymore.

 How does anyone take them seriously?
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