EWWW!! Madonna Promises Something In Exchange For Hillary Votes That Will Make You ill!

Most celebrities that are out getting the word out for their candidate of choice will normally use the conventional means to try and get you to pledge your vote.

Skeleton grandma Madonna is making a truly frightening offer. She will perform oral sex on any man in exchange for a Hillary Clinton vote in the November presidential election. With her music career a distant memory, as well as her sex appeal, it’s nice to see that she has found work as a prostitute.

Madonna introduced fellow Trump-hater Amy Schumer at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. It was really more of a Hillary Clinton PSA than an introduction for Schumer. “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a b******b,” said Madonna.

Who says liberals aren’t serious about important political issues? Just in case you aren’t completely sold, Madonna givers her oral sex résumé.

“And I am good. I am good. I’m not a tool, I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow,” she said. I don’t know that she sweetened the pot there. As freakishly terrifying as getting a b*****b from an emaciated senior citizen is, having eye contact through the ordeal is likely to cause PTSD in addition to the VD that comes with it.

I don’t think liberals understand how to make a deal. If you want something from someone you have to offer them something of value in exchange. Tons of lefty celebrities have threatened to leave the US if Trump wins, not understanding that it is more of incentive to vote for Trump. I think I speak for everyone when I say getting rid of Lena Dunham is worth a Trump vote alone. Hell, that’s worth a Charles Manson vote.

Here Madonna is offering to do something that only the creepiest fetish weirdo would want. She would have been better off saying she wouldn’t perform oral sex on you if you vote for Hillary. In a hypothetical situation where I had to choose between a Madonna blowjob or casting a vote for Hillary Clinton, my pants are staying on.

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