Curt Schilling Stepped Up To The Mound And Threw One High And Inside At Hillary Clinton!

No matter how hard the mainstream media attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the people, there are still some that thankfully are in positions of celebrity that are willing to call the Hildebeast out on her lies and garbage.

Many people are against Hillary Clinton, including one Major League Baseball pitcher. Curt Schilling shared his views of the Democratic nominee and the state of the 2016 election with Neil Cavuto.

Schilling said that he is a conservative, and a Constitution loving person, so he will be voting for Donald Trump. “Nothing he said got four people killed in Benghazi,” he stated, blaming Hillary for the 2012 terror attack.

The six-time MLB all-star said he wasn’t swayed by Trump’s alleged controversial comments about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and the alleged tax rumors that surround Trump.

Schilling stated that Hillary is attacking Trump on personal levels, but she has no achievements to speak of (unless you count the body count that follows her politics wherever she goes) even though she’s been in the political realm for decades.

“She’s hurt in every possibly way she can,” he said, “I think she’s the epitome of just a very bad, bad, evil human being.”

He also stated that it’s hard to believe she is the Democratic candidate, since she should be in jail.

This baseball player echoes the statements of many Americans around the country, who are calling for her indictment regardless of whether the FBI recommends it or not.

And people are finding Obama hard to believe, since he’s suddenly changing his tune to sound like a huge Hillary supporter even though he bad mouthed her with everyone else when he was running.

Trump is the only candidate who seems to be the most honest candidate who would be best suited for the job.

The American people need to elect Donald Trump for President, we cannot let a liar and a crook to represent the United States.

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