BREAKING: Seattle Seahawks Planning On Sitting During National Anthem At Season Opener….The Whole D**N TEAM

I swear to God, I just don’t know why they think this is a good idea at all.We have all heard by now that Colin Kaepernick thought it would be fun to sit down for the national anthem because the police are racist, or something. Of course he had the right to do it. That doesn’t make it the right thing to do and it doesn’t mean he is right about his political talking points. He’s not. But now, it looks like he has inspired a movement that is gaining traction in the NFL. In fact, an entire NFL team might follow his lead this weekend.

From Deadspin: Receiver Doug Baldwin said after practice yesterday that he is considering joining Lane in sitting for the anthem on Sunday, when Seattle opens up its season at home against the Dolphins, but that he first wants “to make sure I get all of my ducks in a row before I do so.” What does that mean? Baldwin said it has been discussed in the locker room, and LB Bobby Wagner intimated that any protest would be made en masse.


While Wagner said he didn’t know if he would sit down during the anthem he said “anything we want to do, it’s not going to be individual. It’s going to be a team thing. That’s what the world needs to see. The world needs to see people coming together versus being individuals.”

Wagner said he couldn’t say exactly what the team might do, saying “whatever we decide to do will be a big surprise.”

Seattle Seahawks will protest national anthem on opening day as a team. Can’t wait for the reaction from NFL.

— KCTV5 Sports (@SportsKCTV5) September 8, 2016

If any team was going to do this, my guess would have been the Seahawks.

They are led by a nut job coach who thinks 9/11 was an inside job.

That tells you the kind of intellect that is flowing around in that locker room.

Ironically, the Seahawks will be playing their first game this Sunday on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

Sitting down for the anthem will be a nice touch won’t it?

But give me a break with all of this.

Since when do personal politics take precedence over respect to the people who died for our country?

Of course police brutality is real and of course it needs to be stopped.

However, there are roughly ten million ways to do something about it that don’t involve disrespecting this country.

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