How Donald Trump Is Like Ronald Reagan And Why That’s A Good Thing!

I was a huge fan of Ronald Reagan because the Carter destruction was so bad that we needed a Reagan.

Now Obama’s destruction is ”Carter on steroids”. It is so bad that we now need a Trump to fix it.

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Many like to say that Donald Trump ‘isn’t’ a Reagan and they are so wrong.

We have the same situation in employment today that we had under Carter, only worse. Reagan was an historical job creator.

Obama now has 95 million jobless. Those are Great Depression numbers. There is only one ‘ten billion dollar job creator’ in the group running for President — Donald Trump!

95 million jobless Americans who are veterans, seniors and children are now homeless and living on our streets in Obamanation.

It is our duty to take care of those poor fellow citizens first! It would be so nice to adopt all the world’s poor, but it is just not feasible now. Why? Those jobless Americans ‘used’ to pay trillions in taxes when they were working. That extra money was used to support the millions of poor immigrants. Now our citizens are jobless and need help themselves. Isn’t it clear that the only ‘fair and just’ thing to do is to take care of our own legal citizens first.

Not only did Reagan fix the Carter joblessness – but he was also known for those immortal words of his ””””Take Down that Wall””.

History repeats and I believe with all my heart that one of the top reasons Donald Trump will win the presidency is his own call to ””””’Build that Wall”””””’..

Two great men – both concerned with freedom and security for our great nation. Donald Trump is more like Ronald Reagan than any other president we have had.