The Elephant (Trump) Not In The Room

The Fox team started their show last week talking about the next President – Donald Trump. They saw what I and all of America saw – a huge void of leadership in the middle of the stage. That says so much about Trump.

Donald was too busy to dance for the media tonight – he was raising millions of dollars for veterans, God Bless Him. The other politicians gave us our 7th show and it was just a ‘rerun’.


Senator Cruz and Megan couldn’t get thru the first minute without talking about the Donald. Do they not understand how telling that is? Trump was in all their heads and he didn’t even have to be in the building.

With just a few comments, they showed Iowa and America who was the most important man and leader! All I saw were politicians and the Doctor who all had huge ‘money donor’ puppet strings – hanging out of their backsides. Are they speaking their words???? Or the rich men ‘who operate those string’s’ words?

Our media has forgotten their place! It isn’t their job (with protections under law) to kill Republicans —–for Democrats!

They are so arrogant! They tell us it is ‘their job’ to pick our next president. After picking us the worst president in American history— Barack Hussein Obama! We now know that their pickers ‘are broken’.

The Carter media and Rinos were just as arrogant. They tried to kill Reagan just like they are trying to kill Trump – because he changed the rules. The rest is history – Reagan won 44 and then 49 states.

Donald Trump showed more class with his veterans – than dancing for Fox with the other politicians. Trump like Reagan has put our ‘DNC media – back in their place, where they belong.

Americans, not the media will be picking our next president— Donald J. Trump.