Trump Didn’t Use The Vets!

How sad to hear my media and ex- Navy skipper McCain say that Donald Trump was using the vets last week?

I have heard Donald Trump speak about veterans from day one. I wish my skipper still fought for veterans. After he went to Washington and became a politician he seemed to forget about us. Shame on him! I have never heard Donald Trump do a speech without thanking the veterans. God Bless Him.

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Senator McCain likes our veterans when it is convenient, but his actions speak louder. He let Obama kill our VA Healthcare, the main lifeline for veterans. In VA healthcare, the administrators get bonuses while veterans wait for appointments until they die.

Donald Trump first attracted me with his thanks to the Veterans and his Make America Great comments. If he said nothing else he was my candidate. You can’t have one without the other in this most exceptional nation ‘under God’.

Obama has killed more soldiers than Bush so on December 2010 the Associated Press stated they were going to ‘stop counting dead soldiers”. At Christmas!! Right after Obama tripled the Afghan War.

It is clear dead soldiers don’t mean anything to Democrats ‘if a Democrat kills them’. In Benghazi and Blackhawk Down (Mogodishu) both Clintons left our veterans to die with no back-up called. Is that what they meant by a ‘twofer??

The only thing America promised this Navy Veteran was that I would never be left behind. Donald Trump would never leave soldiers to die alone on the battlefield. And in order to make America Great, it takes brave soldiers. And in order or make brave soldiers, it takes a Great America.

I say to all the people that thought Trump was using veterans:  shame on you! Veterans know a fake. We see our fake politicians use us in every election. Donald Trump is no fake. He is a patriot and he will be one of our greatest Presidents. He loves America.