When you do something evil or against your fellow man, eventually you are going to be found out. Look at how many people are found to have committed of murder decades after the fact.

Anthony Weiner was a piece of slime from the moment I first saw him, I just knew that there was something not right about this guy. Then the first sex scandal happened, and then the second…

By the time we got to what seemed like the hundredth sex scandal I had just about had my fill of him. Added to the fact that he was tied in to Hillary Clinton through his wife and it was about more than I could handle.

Finally though, it seems that justice is finally going to be done.

Disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner reportedly plans to plead guilty Friday in federal court to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor.

The New York Times reported that the former New York Democratic congressman will enter the plea in a federal courtroom in Manhattan, related to his latest sexting scandal.

That investigation began when Weiner allegedly started exchanging sexually explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl.

Hopefully now, we can finally be rid of this man and he can be where he rightfully belongs. Not in Congress, not in a mayor’s office.

Not to the right hand of the right hand of the woman who wanted to be President of the United States; but on a list of criminals…..where he belongs.

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