An ESPN Writer Said That The National Anthem Before Sporting Events Is Racist….HOW IN THE?

About a month ago I was able to take in my first minor league baseball game of the season. I love going to minor league ones more than I do major league games actually. It’s the same bat, the same ball and you get to see the same game for the most part. The national anthem is present for every one of these events and I cannot think of how anyone would have a problem with it.

It seems like we cannot go anywhere or read anything without politics getting involved, and that includes sports magazines. We are witnessing complete and utter ignorance at its finest.

Bizpac Review reported that senior writer of ESPN The Magazine, Howard Bryant, wrote a piece talking about why police officers and military personnel should not sing the National Anthem before major sporting events.  Weird! We wonder what this has to do with the NHL playoff bracket. The quick answer is: absolutely nothing.

You might be wondering why he would want to stop people from singing the National Anthem. Ironically enough, it is because he thinks that it amounts to “staged patriotism” that will cause an “authoritarian shift at the ballpark.” Really, now?

I guess it makes perfect sense. If you want to stop authoritarian shifts at the ballpark, you should BAN PEOPLE from A SONG! Does he not see the hypocrisy here?

If you stop everyone from singing the National Anthem, that is the textbook definition of an authoritarian move. It is entirely different when people sing the National Anthem because they LOVE THEIR COUNTRY. The one fundamental difference between the two? Choice.

You do not get to go around taking away choices from people. We live in the United States, not Communist China. Bryant is probably the same kind of person who believes that healthcare is a RIGHT, not a service — call it a hunch.

A discussion took place on Fox and Friends where the issue was discussed. Everyone agreed that Bryant was out of line. He is only looking to further his political ideology through a sports magazine.

You can try to hide it however you like; it does not mean we won’t catch on and call you out on your nonsense.  Peter Doocy said on Fox and Friends that Bryant wants to stop the National Anthem from being sung because it feeds into the 9/11 hero narrative. Weird. I don’t recall seeing Bryant going into burning buildings on 9/11 and rescuing people. Who is he to determine who is a hero and who is not?

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