Ambassador Haley Went Live Before The UN And Told North Korea WATCH YOUR A…….

The North Koreans are some dangerous bastards, crazy and dangerous. They are essentially the mesothelioma of the world. In it’s current incarnation, the Hermit Kingdom’s leadership is one that relies on terror and intimidation. They are the schoolyard bully that probably couldn’t back it up in a real fight, but would rely on some thief in the night sneak attack.

The missile launch on the 4th of July is one of those things where you have to wonder if they are asking to get beat down. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council after the North Koreans test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4th. She said that North Korea’s actions were “quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution.”

Haley said the United States “is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies.”

She said that didn’t only include military options, but that also included trade.

There are countries that are allowing – even encouraging – trade with North Korea in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. Such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the United States. That’s not going to happen. Our attitude on trade changes when countries do not take international security threats seriously. Before the path to a peaceful solution is entirely closed, however, there remains more that the international community can and must do diplomatically and economically.

Haley also said that: [We can] cut off the major sources of hard currency to the North Korean regime. We can restrict the flow of oil to their military and their weapons programs. We can increase air and maritime restrictions. We can hold senior regime officials accountable.

Holding cheating nations accountable is a significant step and a direct look at nations like China.

Yesterday’s ICBM escalation requires an escalated diplomatic and economic response. Time is short. Action is required. The world is on notice. If we act together, we can still prevent a catastrophe, and we can rid the world of a grave threat. If we fail to act in a serious way, there will be a different response.

Much of the burden of enforcing UN sanctions rests with China. Ninety percent of trade with North Korea is from China. We will work with China. We will work with any and every country that believes in peace. But we will not repeat the inadequate approaches of the past that have brought us to this dark day.

This is the first time in a long time that North Korea is finally being put on notice and those cheating, like China, are finally being called to account.

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