A Real Debate? Hell, Hillary Can’t Even Win A Twitter Debate!

You know, there are few things in this world that are funnier that watching some buffoon on Twitter completely get taken down a peg…Hillary Clinton thinks she is a lot of things.





She clearly isn’t any of those things and she isn’t very funny either.

You know she was chuckling to herself when she sent out a tweet saying that Donald Trump should delete his Twitter.

tweet 1

Really clever…

Not sure what she was thinking because when you hit Donald Trump he hits back.  And he sure hit back.  Hard.

 twitter 2

Score that one for Trump.

People love Trump’s Twitter and if you think he is going to stop tweeting you’ve got something else coming.

If Hillary wants to talk about Trump’s tweets that’s fine.

But then we all get to talk about her problems with deleting things.

Sound like a fair trade?

Nice try Hillary but that’s a swing and a miss.

Check out some of the responses.

Even Reince Priebus got into the mix to defend his guy!

tweet 3

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